Working Environment Data Collection

  • Sysmex's Environmental Data at a Glance
  • associates, employees male-to-female ratio (Sysmex Corporation)
  • Overseas associates, employees ratio
  • Ratio of newly graduated foreign employees
  • New graduates New hire 3 years later Turnover rate
  • rate of return after childcare leave
  • Annual consumption rate of paid leave
  • Average overtime per month
  • You decide your own work style!
  • Long-term overseas training
  • Leverage iPhone and business applications
  • Organization's Personnel Structure for Training and Development
  • R&D expenditure
  • Group operating income margin
  • Sponsorship of the Kobe Marathon

Provides the highest level of employee experience.

  • Office

    Create a workplace environment where employees can demonstrate their best performance. We are particular about space design that promotes communication among employees.
    There is also a cafeteria that has healthy lunch menus in consideration of associates, employees’ health.

  • Training

    The source of innovation is human resources.
    Global Human Resources Development System common to the Group. Average annual training hours per person (27.7 hours)/average annual training cost (approx. 98,000 yen) is invested in Human Resources development. We offer a variety of opportunities. It's up to you whether you learn or not.

  • Health Initiatives

    Health in associates, employees is the foundation of our business. In addition to physical health support such as health checkups, health counseling and Medical Support, it also supports mental health management. We also have tennis courts, gymnasiums, playgrounds, gyms, etc.

  • Company Dormitory

    Lend dormitories and company housing to those who have difficulty working from home. Providing a safe environment for both private and public life. We also offer a full range of fringe benefits services, including rent adjunct, housing allowance, and commuting allowance.
    *Provided in accordance with internal regulations.

  • Childcare and Nursing Care Support

    We provide support for childcare and nursing care at our daycare centers, Working from Home, and other facilities so that both men and women can work in harmony with childcare and nursing care, and so that they can exercise their abilities with peace of mind. In 2011, Kurumin was certified as a childcare support company.

  • External Evaluation

    In Japan, we have received White 500 and Promotion of Women's Active Participation's ERUBOSHI certification.the company has been ranked among the world's 100 most sustainable companies and Forbes the most innovative company in the world.

*Based on data from 2019 to 2020