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Intellectual Property Strategy

Job Overview

In addition to formulating and promoting intellectual property strategies, we identify and acquire intellectual property rights, and manage them in an appropriate manner.

Job Description

  • Planning and promotion of intellectual property strategies for the Sysmex Group in conjunction with Elemental Technology research and product development
  • Obtaining intellectual property rights such as patent rights, design rights, and trademark rights that can be used globally
  • Handling litigation of infringement of global intellectual property rights

* About 80% of our patent applications are filed overseas, and therefore global travel is often necessary. You will be required to engage in aggressive intellectual property activities, such as negotiating directly with overseas agents to gain global intellectual property rights and proactively bringing litigation cases.

Potential assignment

  • Intellectual Property Division

Recommended for:

  • Individuals who are interested in various technologies that connect our mission "Shaping the advancement of healthcare", such as Sysmex's core technologies including hematology fields which occupy the global top share, and cutting-edge technologies that can be achieved through open innovation with universities and research institutes
  • Individuals who want to engage in global intellectual property strategy
  • Individuals who are intersted in communicating in English
  • Individuals who have patent attorney qualifications or have knowledge of trademarks, etc.
  • Individuals who wish to contribute to the continuation and growth of Sysmex's highly profitable businesses through intellectual property activities

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