Application Requirements

Sysmex offers a hiring program according to job type.

In line with the core behaviours set out in our corporate philosophy, the “Sysmex Way,”
we embrace diversity and value each individual's character and personality, thereby maximizing individual and organizational productivity and achieving sustainable corporate growth.
To this end, having individuals who embrace our philosphy and ideals, as well as demonstrate a high level of expertise and leadership, is absolutely essential.
We also offers recruitment by job type and expect our new hires to excel in roles that match their career aspirations, in addition to the experiences and knowledge acquired throughout their studies and careers to date.

The type of job will be decided based on consultation during the screening process.
You will be asked to select your desired job type at the time of entry, but this may change as you progress through the screening process.
Through the exchange of information during the screening process, we may discuss with you the possibility of changing job types.
If you did not specify a job type at the time of entry through our website, your first assignment will be decided based on information exchanged during the screening process.
We will provide you with further information in order to understand each job type during screening.
Company information sessions, interviews with human resources, job-specific interviews, and visits to sites are envisioned as opportunities for providing information.
This is a broad selection and assignment of job types, so it does not refer to assignment to a specific department, project or location.
As this is the first job you are assigned to, there is a possibility that you may later be transferred depending on your personal preferences or the expectations of the organization.
The department to which you are assigned is determined by our department matching program, which allows you to try out your desired career, job and work style.
Employment status Full-time employee

Regardless of educational background (graduate school, university, technical college, etc.), the combination of job grade and mission grade determines your job roles, job level, and salary.

* Job grade refers to the job type, Mission grade refers to the job roles of each position.

Job Grade

The job grade is defined according to the job type and required skill based on the job contents. It will be decided through selection.

This grade is the most common entry-level grade for employees such as new hires who have no work experience.
This grade is applicable to those who have work experience in a specific field of expertise, or work-ready employees who have deep expertise related to our company's mission.

* Job grades from LG1 to LG4 are used for general employees.

* LG1 Leading new hires will be assigned temporarily to their department for one to three years. After that, their official department will be determined.

Mission Grade

The mission grade can be flexibly selected according to your career aspiration, work style, lifestyle, etc. as agreed by the company and the individual.

With the aim of creating added value in addition to providing results and improving skills, employees are encouraged to work in a wide range of fields regardless of whether they work in Japan or overseas, subject to their agreement. Employees are brought together to maximize results.
With the aim of becoming a leader in the future, it is possible for you to experience multiple jobs.
Aiming to demonstrate capabilities and improve expertise through the mastery of job-specific skills, employees will strive to maximize team performance in terms of efficiency, quality, and cost while improving skills over the long term.
The principal place of business is set as the preferred place of work, and the work system takes into consideration working hours and relocation.
LG1 Leading Monthly salary : ¥250,000
LG1 Creative Monthly salary : ¥202,500 - 225,000
LG2 Leading Monthly salary : ¥260,000 - 330,000
LG2 Creative Monthly salary : ¥230,000 - 310,000
* Separate allowances may also be awarded. For details, please refer to the ‘compensation and benefits’ section.
and Benefits
  • Single dormitory facility (with conditions)
  • Asset-building saving plan
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Stock options
  • Cafeteria plan (self-selection)
  • Self-development support
  • Housing allowance
  • Overtime allowance
  • Education allowance
  • Manager allowance
  • Single person expatriation allowance
  • Allowance for disabled dependents
  • Commuting allowance (up to 70,000 yen per month)
  • Retirement plan

Screening flow

Application process may differ depending on domestic/global hiring track

  • Online Application
  • Online aptitude test(domestic hires only) and document selection
  • *One-on-one interview (multiple rounds)
    * Interview style (video, web, face-to-face, etc.) can be arranged according to the applicant’s wishes
  • Job offer