Application Requirements

Sysmex offers a hiring program according to job type.

In line with the core behaviours set out in our corporate philosophy, the “Sysmex Way,”
we embrace diversity and value each individual's character and personality, thereby maximizing individual and organizational productivity and achieving sustainable corporate growth.
We also offer recruitment by job type and expect our new hires to excel in roles that match their career aspirations, in addition to the experiences and knowledge acquired throughout their studies and careers to date.

Further details can be found here
Hiring According to Job Type

Employment status Full-time employee
Number hired Planned for this fiscal year: 80-100 people
Hired in the previous fiscal year (expected): 80-100 people

Regardless of educational background (graduate school, university, technical college, etc.), the combination of job grade and mission grade determines your job roles, job level, and salary.

* Job grade refers to the job type, Mission grade refers to the job roles of each position.

Further details can be found here

LG1 Leading Monthly salary :
LG1 Creative Monthly salary :
¥202,500 - ¥225,000
LG2 Leading Monthly salary :
¥260,000 - ¥330,000
LG2 Creative Monthly salary :
¥230,000 - ¥310,000

* Separate allowances are available for all categories

Pay rise Once a year (in April)
Bonus Twice a year (in June and December)
Working hours 9:00 am to 5:45 pm (standard working day is 7 hours 45 minutes)

* Flex-time available (no core time)

* 8:30 am to 5:15 pm at factories

Days off and holidays Two days off a week (Sat. & Sun.) and national holidays; a total of 125 days off per year; paid leave (15 days for the first year, 20 days from the second year onward); holiday for commemorative days; consecutive days of leave, etc.
Compensation and
Single dormitory facility (with conditions); asset-building savings plan; employee stock ownership plan; pre-natal leave; post-natal leave; special leave for weddings and funerals; in-house daycare center; Cafeteria Plan (self-selection system); support for self-development; retirement plan

* For details, please refer to “Working Environment” and “Diversity & Inclusion.”

Measures to prevent
secondhand smoke
No smoking allowed on the premises
Percentage of mid-career
hires over the past three
Fiscal year Percentage of mid-career hires
FY2021 64.5%
FY2020 64.9%
FY2019 56.1%

Screening flow

Application process may differ depending on domestic/global hiring track

  • Online Application
  • Online aptitude test (domestic hires only) and document selection
  • *One-on-one interview (multiple rounds)
    * Interview style (video, web, face-to-face, etc.) can be arranged according to the applicant’s wishes
  • Job offer