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Scientific Support

Job Overview

We provide academic support for development and sales in specialized fields relating to instrument products and diagnostic reagents

Job Description

  • Preparation of academic materials for publication, academic research, presentations at academic conferences
  • Academic support for sales in specialized fields( hematologyblood count analyzer , urinary sediment testing, coagulation, immunochemistry testing, etc.)
  • Setting up testing instruments at the time of installation, and collection of data

* If you are assigned to one of our branch or sales offices throughout the country as an area representative, you will support our customers from an academic perspective in cooperation with our sales team and Customer Support Center.

Potential assignments

  • Sales & Marketing East/Japan Division
  • Sales & Marketing West/Japan Division
  • Scientific Affairs

* Nationwide assignments for branch positions

Recommended for:

  • Individuals who want to make use of their expertise in biotechnology and biochemistry
  • Individuals who like to communicate with others
  • Individuals who are interested in our overseas business and wish to communicate in English

Relevant Majors

Machanical Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Physics and Applied Physics, Architecture/Civil Engineering, Biology/Life Sciences, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Resources and Global Environment, Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences, Fisheries, Livestock/Dairy, Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year system), Pharmaceutical Sciences (6-year system), Merchant Marine, Medicine and Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Health and Medical Care, other sciences