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Product Development (Engineer)

Job Overview

We plan, design, develop, and engage in clinical development aimed at the commercialization of diagnostic testing instruments and reagents.

Job Description

  • Product planning utilizing new technologies developed through elemental technology research
  • Specification design based on product planning, detailed design, development and evaluation and verification of prototypes
  • Working with the production department on transiting to mass production, and assisting with market introduction and shipping.
  • Planning, evaluation of product performance and clinical performance (clinical trials, statistical analysis) related to regulatory applications for medical devices and diagnostic reagents.

* We covers a wide variety of diagnostics testing fields and in order to commercialize technologies that make advances in next-generation medical care, including cancer and genetic screening, we form project teams with technicians with backgrounds in different fields, ranging from mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers, to software, optics, fluidics and biotechnology, to conduct development that takes into account such aspects as reliability, clinical usefulness, productivity and serviceability.

Potential assignments

  • Reagent Engineering Division
  • System Engineering Division
  • Bio-Diagnostic Reagent Technology Center
  • System Technologies Laboratory
  • Medical Affairs
  • Business Incubation
  • LS Business Division

Recommended for:

  • Individuals who want to create products while directly meeting customer needs
  • Individuals who want to turn ideas and technologies into "products" and introduce them to the world
  • Individuals who want to gain knowledge in a wide range of fields while increasing their expertise in their specialty fields.
  • Qualified doctors, pharmacists and medical technicians engaged in clinical testing
  • Individuals who want to engage in global clinical development activities in the future

Relevant Majors

Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Physics and Applied Physics, Biology and Life Sciences, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Natural Resources and Global Environment, Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year course), Pharmaceutical Sciences (6-year course), Medicine and Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Hygiene and Medical Care, other sciences