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Accounting · Treasury

Job Overview

We conduct accounting, tax, and payment operations as the Corporate Accounting and Treasury department for Group companies.

Job Description

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual settlement of accounts and financial statement preparation for non-consolidated and consolidated companies.
  • Data collection and analysis from various areas such as business, product, region, etc.
  • Preparation and disclosure of non-consolidated financial reports under the Companies Act, summary of financial results, and annual securities report.
  • Operations related to tax reporting, transfer pricing and international tax, audit response, and internal control.
  • Financial operations related to non-consolidated cash management, accounts payable management, cash flow management, currency hedging, etc.
  • Cash flow management of Group companies, management of investee companies, and participation in investment projects.
  • Promotion of activities to change administration methods and improve business productivity through digitalization.

* There are many support systems to enhance your accounting, taxation, and treasury knowledge. There are three departments: Corporate Business Administration, Accounting, and Treasury. Through a job rotation system, you can gradually accumulate experience in various operations and gain opportunities to work in Group companies around the world. In an environment where you can work with confidence, you can feel your own growth and expand your career by building on your expertise in accounting, taxation, and treasury.

Potential assignment

  • Corporate Business Administration Division

Recommended for:

  • Individuals who wish to enhance their accounting, taxation, and treasury skills through business experience.
  • Individuals who are qualified as a bookkeeper, tax accountant, accountant, or individuals who are interested in accounting and treasury operations.
  • Individuals who wish to contribute to the enhancement of corporate value by communicating the Group's management status internally and externally with financial figures.
  • Individuals who are interested in playing an active role in global business as a future leader in the accounting and treasury field.

Relevant Majors

Commerce, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Foreign Language, Education, Society, Literature, Other Humanities, and Other Sciences.