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Job Overview

We conduct consolidated and non-consolidated financial settlement operations for the entire Sysmex Group worldwide, as well as domestic and overseas affiliates.

Job Description

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual settlement of accounts for the entire Sysmex Group
  • Consolidated and non-consolidated financial statements of approximately 70 domestic and overseas affiliates
  • Disclosure, internal control, audit response, and overseas subsidiary internal control-related operations―
  • Preparation of financial statement for companies act and security report etc.

* There are many opportunities to use English as you will be interacting with overseas subsidiaries. There is a need for people to handle accounting work in a variety of departments, both domestic and international, and this is a good entry point into finance, international taxation and business management (management accounting) as a future career path.

Potential assignment

  • Corporate Business Administration Division

Recommended for:

  • Qualified bookkeepers, tax accountants, accountants, etc.
  • Individuals who want to communicate with overseas affiliates using English
  • Individuals who want to be involved in business management or business planning in the future

Relevant Majors

Economics, Business Administration, Commerce, Sociology, Foreign Languages, other arts and sciences