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Administrative Staff

Job Overview

We conduct administrative tasks corresponding to each department and make use of specific expertise.

Job Description

  • Support, planning, meeting operation, accounting, and performance management for business promotion at domestic and overseas subsidiaries
  • Build/operate/manage core internal systems, and plan for/proceed with digitalization activities
  • Plan support for Research and Development departments, lab management, and joint research contracts
  • Manage office and facilities, Health and Safety, fixed assets and internal regulations

* In addition to the above, there are various duties depending on the department to which you are assigned. You will enhance your know-how and expertise and build your career in the department where your expertise can be utilized.

Potential assignments

  • In addition to R&D-related departments, business promotion and administration departments are also possible assignments for administrative staff (Group Management, Business Strategy, Investor Relations, General Affairs, Internal Audit, Human Resources, etc.)

Recommended for:

  • Individuals who like to support others while planning, promoting, and managing tasks by themselves
  • Individuals who have expertise in accounting, IT, etc., and want to improve it
  • Individuals who want to communicate with overseas colleagues in English

Relevant Majors

Law and Policy Studies, Economics, Business Administration and Commerce, Social and Environmental Information Studies, Foreign Languages and International Culture, Humanities, Education, Life Sciences, Religion and Theology, Medicine and Health Sciences, Art and Music, Physical Education and Sports, other Humanities

Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Physics and Applied Physics, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Biology and Life Sciences, Chemistry and Materials Engineering, Natural Resources and Global Environment, Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year course), Pharmaceutical Sciences (6-year course), Merchant Marine, Medicine and Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Hygiene and Medical Care, Nursing Care other Sciences